Comparatism, identitate, comunicare

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The present volume, Comparatism, identitate, comunicare Comparativism, identity, communicationcomprises a selection of papers from the fourth edition of the International Conference CIC, Craiova, a conference initiated in by Prof.

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Emilia Parpal, the main coordinator of the event ever since. The acronym CIC stands for several notions which have concerned us over the years: for the first two editions, andit was Communication, identity, context. For the next edition,culture has replaced context and we started exploring the overlap of these key notions, together with postmodernism, which has been studied within two workshops in andalso under the aegis of the conference.

Each edition has resulted in the publication of Proceedings, with Universitaria Publishing House, Craiova.

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More recently, the comparative account has entered the scene, and in this volume it constitutes the preferential method of approach with numerous authors. Over the years the conference has been attended by many Romanian and oly club opțiuni binare scholars and graduate students working and studying in the fields of literary studies, linguistics, communication and public relations, and even in domains like sociology, pedagogy and psychology.

While laying emphasis on the unavoidable interdisciplinarity of recent times, we have nevertheless endeavoured to avoid heterogeneity and to preserve a coherent line for the scientific research focusing on identity and communication in a contemporary perspective. As stated in the call for papers for the latest edition, oly club opțiuni binare comparative studies can provide new insights into the complex problematic of intercultural relations and identity issues, but also for the area of communication studies.

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While focusing on general and comparative literature, we did not wish, however, to limit the interest of the conference to this discipline. Comparison is here understood as an all-encompassing scientific method, which might cover linguistics, anthropology, cultural studies etc. Our premise has been that the interdisciplinary perspective and the generous thematic spectrum will allow the rethinking of the issues oly club opțiuni binare above.

World literature and comparative literature are well-represented in the collection of papers, and even the studies which have as an object Romanian authors include in the most natural way the comparative approach, through free analogies or the tracing of foreign influences and filiations.

As a palimpsestic literature since it very inception, always involving the mimetic or polemic reference to prestigious Western models, Romanian literature is the epitome of the 10 literature in the second degree discussed by Grard Genette And, of course, so are the Serbian, Hungarian or Albanian literatures, or the Brazilian and Arabian one, among the illustrations chosen by the authors present in this volume.

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But even the English, American, French, Italian, Latin or German examples preferred by other contributors are no less palimpsestic or intertextual than the samples from the so-called small or lesser-known literatures. Modern oly club opțiuni binare contemporary literature worldwide enjoy deserved attention but classical authors, in their turn for instance Ovid or Goetheare not at all despised, thus creating an interesting balance for the make-up of the book and suggesting that the canon of world literature just like the canons of various national literatures should be perceived as a dynamic reality.

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The intertextual approach is given due credit, as a legitimate methodological solution for the eternal crisis of comparative literature. The close interconnection between comparativism and literary theory poetics, theory of genres, stylistics and so on is also emphasized in oly club opțiuni binare papers dedicated to literary criticism. An important component of comparative theory and practice, here illustrated by one of the papers, is that involving the parallel between text and image, thus investigating the connection of two different codes in their mutual mirroring.

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The latter can benefit in the future, in terms of rigor and clarity, from the technical and systematic template employed by language scholars. By the same token, comparison of cultural data as practiced by anthropologists is equally relevant to philologists, as the study of mentalities, values, belief systems, customs, tradition and rites is vital to any worthwhile comparison which puts together items from different cultures, literary movements, and sometimes from different ages.

Highlighting similarities and searching for invariants between the terms of comparison continues to be an important task for comparatists, but pointing out differences and idiosyncrasies or the oly club opțiuni binare elements of originality is no less poignant.

This raises the issue of identity, a genuine obsession in contemporary civilization, irrespective of the level on which one approaches it: personal or collective social, ethnic and national identity. Modern individualism might have its discontents but it appears that the constant investigation of inner depths has not remained a solely narcissistic concern of some writers, but it has opened a field of interest in the subjectivity of the Other or the unique profile of a different but never entirely and radically different personality, literature, culture or nation.

The concern for identity and selfhood can hardly be separated from the widespread fascination with otherness in its various guises.

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The current interest in the literature of exiled authors projects the issue in new and appealing ways, considering that identity emerges more and more as fluid and already hybridized, which nevertheless does not make the issue of alienation and acculturation any less dramatic and problematic.

Postcolonial criticism but also the archetypal and symbolic approach are appropriate frames for the analysis of identity within this section, which is also fortunately rich in literary illustrations. Identity and otherness in their complex interrelationship will consequently bring into attention the third important thematic proposal of the conference, communication. A pervasive notion in contemporary reflection, this topic is also often promoted as a magical solution to the many spiritual ailments affecting both individuals and communities.

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Beyond any utopian speculations, the amazing development of communication studies has brought important clarifications in the field, and the acquisitions of this fairly new domain can further shed new light, as proven by the papers in this section, on oly club opțiuni binare questions as regards interpersonal relations, both in terms of verbal interactions and of the literary configurations addressing the communicational problematic in an explicit or implicit manner.

Other contributors have responded to the communicational challenge by focusing on terminology and the study of specialized languages, on the didactics of foreign languages and the mutations brought by the new media, but also on subjects pertaining rather to sociology and political discourse and political reform.

Although each section enjoys a definite autonomy and self-sufficiency, the most rewarding thing, in arranging this volume, was to see how the main topics proposed by the conference circulate from one chapter to another, linking them in the most interesting way, due, to a large extent, to the authors very efforts to connect the themes, as well as to their interpretive sagacity in identifying and explicating the interplay between identity and communication in a comparative framework.

At the same time, we will show that Orestes is released from the burden of killing his mother by confession and atonement.

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Goethes version of Iphigenia in Tauris is a reworking of the ancient legend of the Atridae in Euripides homonymous tragedy. While writing Iphigenia, the German playwright was driven by bourgeois, moral and sentimental ideas, but also by enlightened hopes of a renewal of politics and society through a new oly club opțiuni binare model. Goethe transcribed Euripides tragedy in a modern humanistic age and interwove personal experiences in his version.


For him, the focus of the play lies on Orestes healing after being haunted and tormented by the memory of matricide. Goethe uses Orestes example to promote redemption through inner purification and public confession of guilt. Keywords: Iphigenia, Orestes, Goethe, neo-humanism, classicism. Motivul Ifigeniei n literatura universal Potrivit Enciclopediei Universale Britannica, n mitologia greac, Ifigenia n limba greac, Ifigeneia nseamn cea nscut puternic este fiica cea mare a lui Agamemnon i a Clitemnestrei, sor a Electrei i a lui Oreste.

Cnd flota aheilor s-a oprit n Aulida, tatl ei a sacrificat-o n oly club opțiuni binare zeiei Artemis, pentru ca vnturile s duc navele spre Troia.

Mama ei i-a rzbunat moartea, ucigndu-l pe Agamemnon. Enciclopedia Universal Britannica: Legenda esut n jurul Ifigeniei este ns mai complex. Se presupune c tnra ar fi fost salvat de Artemis pentru a-i sluji ca preoteas n Taurida, o regiune stpnit de barbari. Ifigenia a fost i a rmas, la fel ca muli dintre Atrizi, un motiv ndrgit n literatura universal. Figura Ifigeniei apare n scrierile antice i la Homer, Eschil i Sofocle, dar una dintre cele mai importante adaptri ale mitului Atrizilor se gsete n tragediile lui Euripide Receptarea mitului Atrizilor la Goethe 2.

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